Monday, February 11, 2013

BookATailor NYC - Shawl Lapel

There are three different types of lapels, the shawl lapel, the peak lapel, and the notch lapel. The shawl lapel was originally seen on the Victorian smoking jacket, but slowly became more commonly associated with the dinner jacket. The structure of the shawl lapel consists of a continuous curve that is usually a rounded collar paired with a V-neckline that extends over the chest and gets smaller as it makes its way down to the waist. In regards to modern clothing, the shawl lapel is seen on cardigan sweaters, jackets, blouses, and robes. It is seen more frequently due to its simplicity. Essentially it is easy to create and has fewer pattern pieces than a notch lapel, making it quicker to sew. The collar pairs nicely with a wide variety of neckline structures and is considered by many to be quiet flattering.
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