Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is A Pocket Square For You ?

Like the tie bar, the pocket square is a classic and timeless menswear detail that has made a comeback in a huge way. Thankfully, guys are discovering that they are allowed to rip out the stitching of their suit jacket’s breast pocket and fill it with a small accessory that makes a big impact with a high style reward.

A small accessory that makes a big impact with a high style reward.

A pocket square improves a suit jacket or blazer’s versatility, adds visual interest and depth to a look, and provides a subtle but powerful means of personal expression. There are many ways to fold a pocket square,some simple and some more complicated but how you choose to rock it depends mostly on personal taste (and slightly on the degree of formality of the occasion). As with anything, practice makes perfect and a little time invested in the skill upfront will ensure you can wear the pocket square any way you want with ease and flair. Here are five of the folds I use most often and that are guaranteed to have you covered from casual to formal.

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