Monday, September 15, 2014

What's A Vent and What's it for?

 For those unfamiliar with the term, a vent is the slit you see on the backside of blazers, sport coats, suit jackets, and any other type of jacket. Like many modern menswear details, vents originated from military heritage. As a functional necessity while traveling horseback, the vent provided comfort to the rider by allowing the jacket’s tails to part and fall gracefully along the sides of the horse. Not only did vents ease the buttoned jacket from bunching and constricting the body while seated, it also prevented unattractive fabric creasing where the bunching would have occurred.While very few men today travel by horse, the same functional principle applies in any situation where you need to be seated with your jacket on. Another benefit of the rear vent is that it permits easier access to your trouser pocket: the give from the vent negates excess fabric gathering and pulling as you dig your hand under the jacket to get into your pocket.
Bonus tip: Never put your hands, or any object, in your blazer or suit jacket pocket unless you want that area to get stretched out and misshaped. Most jackets come with basted (loosely stitched shut) pocket openings – keep the basting intact to prevent entry at all times and to preserve the jacket’s clean lines.

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