Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creating the Ultimate Suit

The perfect suit consists of quality fabric, a quality super count, a trusted tailor, and of course personal style. We’ve compiled a checklist of ideas that will help you design the ideal suit for any occasion. 

Make Sure it Fits
Proper measurement taking by your tailor is absolutely crucial. Nothing looks worse than an unfitted suit, and nothing looks better than a perfectly fitted suit. Consider adding a bit of personal style to your suit, doing so will leave you feeling confident and looking great. Modern fitted styles look the sharpest, and actually require less fabric than the dated loose fit. While the quality of the suit of course matters, the way it fits is just as important, so make sure you go to a trusted tailor.

3 Pieces
Vests-the new addition to the ultimate suit. Adding a vest to your suit will enhance the look entirely. The simple addition can do loads to your ensemble, and create a more fitted look. The vest is convenient as well; if and when you get hot, you can take off the jacket and just wear the vest alone. 

Your custom made suit is being created specifically for you, so adding a bit of you into your suit could be awesome. There are hundreds of fabric options for custom made suits, choose one that you love. You can even take it to another level, and add some color into the lining of your suit. Nothing symbolizes power more than individuality and nothing portrays individuality more than a custom made suit.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Getting a head start on designing your suit, for any occasion, will only benefit you. When you start early, you avoid last minute stresses and alterations to your ensemble.
Things like the dress shirt, tie or tux, and cuff links have the ability to take your suit from good to great. These small details piece together the entire suit, and also allow you to have a bit of fun with it.

The Shoes
Shoes are easily forgotten, but essential to complete your look. While new dress shoes are preferable, polishing your old ones can do the trick. A rugged pair of shoes paired with a fine tuxedo is just disastrous.

A suit has the ability to portray your inner strength and style to the world. A custom made suit is the only way you can intertwine personal style with luxury. Whether you are seeking to create a custom made business casual suit, or a tuxedo for a special occasion, this blog will ensure that you do so the right way.