Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BookATailor NYC - Patch Pockets

Perhaps the easiest pocket to create; the patch pocket is sewn on the outside of the garment rather than sewn between the shell and the lining. The shape and size of the patch pocket can vary greatly; round and beveled pockets are common cuts but not as popular as square-shaped pockets. Patch pockets are usually large and add more lines to break up the otherwise streamline cut of a sport coat. Therefore, sport coats with patch pockets are still going to make you look well-dressed, but not over-dressed as if you would were a suit or a blazer. Even if you find the patch pockets to be a convenient for pocketing all of your belongings, you should treat the patch pockets no different than straight pockets. It may seem paradoxical that larger pockets means more capacity limits, but patch pockets should not be treated like tool-belt compartments. Be gentle with your garment. Stop by BookATailor for a patch pocket made perfectly the way you want it.

BookATailor NYC - Gun Patches

Elbow patches originated as way to repair a jacket when it started to get worn out and ripped. Now a days you can buy your suit jackets readymade with these elbow patches, because they gradually became stylish through their original methods of simple repair. It should go without saying that elbow patches should cover your elbows, they would not look right if they were half way down your forearm. The center of the patch is meant to sit atop your elbow and there is not much room to move. BookATailor has acquired the name gun patches for our suit jackets. Visit us at www.BookATailor.com for your own custom made gun patches the way you like it!

A suit has the ability to portray your inner strength and style to the world. A custom made suit is the only way you can intertwine personal style with luxury. Whether you are seeking to create a custom made business casual suit, or a tuxedo for a special occasion, this blog will ensure that you do so the right way.