Wednesday, December 18, 2013



Throughout history there was an underlying characteristic that powerful men such as President John F Kennedy, John D. Rockefeller, and Harvey Specter all shared; they rocked the power-suit. 
As our role model, Suit's Harvey Specter says, " your appearance is just as important as your talent." The first thing people realize when meeting you is the way that you are dressed. Though many may overlook this "little detail", your appearance is in fact crucial to your success. 
Though it has been said that it is the man that makes the suit and not vice versa, there is something about a perfectly fitting custom suit, with a peak lapel and the subtle signs of custom such as the colored buttonhole on the lapel  that opens doors. It takes care of business. 
In the business world, whether in Finance, Real Estate of any other legitimate field, people will take you much more seriously when you dress the part. This goes the same for nightlife. You definitely have a much better chance getting into Provocateur on a Saturday night if you're wearing a three piece custom power-suit. 
In addition to this, the power-suit does wonders in the dating game. There's nothing a girl wants more than a well groomed guy in a perfectly fitted suit. He's showing that he has the ability to take care of himself and he therefore will be able to take care of her. Many guys that girls wouldn't look twice at normally suddenly become showstoppers once they put on the power-suit.
So in conclusion, the power-suit opens doors. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg, if you want to succeed, dress to impress and #bookatailor. 

A suit has the ability to portray your inner strength and style to the world. A custom made suit is the only way you can intertwine personal style with luxury. Whether you are seeking to create a custom made business casual suit, or a tuxedo for a special occasion, this blog will ensure that you do so the right way.